Norwich / Caz Century

“Ambitious group of mother fucker’s, aren’t ya? Don’t know where ya’ll are from, but you have to pedal your asses back home!”
— Unknown Farmer from Georgetown


That just about sums up yesterday’s century ride. Jonathan, Shannon, Mike, and myself set out at 6:15am to meet up with Al and Frank in Norwich by 8ish am. The sky was inviting, although the sun hadn’t risen yet. Armed with outer wear and blinky lights we headed south. The sun had climbed up over the horizon and was looking to become a nice day by the time we arrived in Norwich. Fortunately Shannon remembered the name of the road Al lives on, otherwise Jonathan would have had us blocks away.

With the group speeding towards Georgetown, Pete joined the group. Now, all that was left was to pickup Dan in Caz and head for home. Slightly short of Caz, Jonathan and myself made the turn for a shortcut into the Village. Why, was unknown to me at the time, yet all was well.

The remaining foursome split along the route into Caz. Along the way, Pete and Mike suffered a crash. Mike had clipped Pete’s wheel while trying to avoid an idiot who ran a stop sign in their path. Mike was launched off the road and down into a ditch. He suffered minor cuts and scrapes. The rest of us were at Dunin Donuts awaiting their arrival. After sufficient enough of a time lapse for us to get worried Pete came flying into the parking lot. Panicked and in a frenzy he retold the story of the incident. He had left Mike at Kinney’s so that he could get first aid supplies and get the rest of us.

After a quick tending to for Pete (he need to calm down before he collapsed from shock) we found Mike outside Kinney’s bandaging himself up. Dan offered to drive him back home, yet Mike refused. He was determined to finish the ride. Unknown to him at the time, he was our embodiment of Rule #5: “Harden The Fuck Up!”

The the whole crew intact, we headed for home. Just before Morrisville Pete made his turn for home. Al and Shannon dropped the hammer to get her home in time to meet her husband finishing up golf. Dan turned off at Troop Scoops to head for his home. In retrospect, I would have loved to have stopped for some ice cream.

Jonathan, Mike, and myself finished up the ride to the Village with 99.2 miles on my trip meter. Holding fast to Rule #5, Mike insisted on riding around a few blocks in the Village to break the 100 mile barrier, until I remembered I had taken the detour and he had not. His first century is now firmly in the books.

Thanks to all for a great ride! Hoping to see everyone again for Jonathan’s century ride on the 23rd. Keep the rubber side down all.